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Kanterbury Tales - Andy Kim

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Kanterbury Tales

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1 Morning Time/Man From Nova Scotia (Arc 1210) 1968

An obscure pop band whose sole vinyl offering was this one 45.


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1 My My My/World Of Make Believe (Capitol 72672) 1971 54
2 I Believe In You/Sorry Guys (Capitol 72744) 1975 -

Seventies pop. My My My climbed to No. 54 in September 1972.

Les Karrick

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NB: (1) Title is as listed on cover and spine, however the record labels refer to the title as "Patience Et Longueur De Temps". The songs listed on the label and cover are identical.  

An interesting album produced by John Pantis and recorded in Montreal. The opening track, Des Mots Pour La Musique is the best. It's a storming folk rock track with some great organ and psychedelic guitar playing by Michel Pagliaro. The rest of the album ranges between folk rock and some more bluesy numbers, such as the closing track Mary Queen, which is the only song sung in English. Pagliaro pops up every few tracks to play some more guitar and there is also good organ scattered throughout.

Compilation appearances have included:- Au Chant De L'Allouette on Millionaires Des Groupes and Le Chanson De L'Acadien on Le Retour Des Groupes.

(Eric Von Schlippen/Vernon Joynson)


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1 22,411/22,411 (Soleil 10005) 1968

A little known French Canadian pop group.

Debbi Lori Kaye

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1 Soldier Boy/ (Columbia C4- ) 1966 16
2 Playground/ (Columbia C4-43999) 1967 40

Debbi made the Canadian Top 20 when Soldier Boy climbed to No. 16 on 24th January 1966, spending five weeks in the Top 40. Playground brought further success to her when it peaked at No. 40 in April 1967.

Christopher Kearney

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(up to 1975)
1 CHRISTOPHER KEARNEY (Capitol ST 6372) 1972 R1
2 PEMMICAN STASH (Capitol St 11167) 1973 R1
3 SWEETWATER (Capitol ) 1975

1 Theme For Jody/Long Old Train (Apex 77113) 1970 71
2 Rockin' Chair Ride/Raggedy Andy (MCA 2008) 1970 61
3 Loosen Up/Let It Be Gone (Capitol 72664) 1971 80
4 Rocking Chair/Country Lad (Capitol 72675) 1971 -
5 Steady Ground/Runnin' Child (Capitol 72742) 1975 -

Kearney was born in Toronto in 1947 but in 1951 his parents moved to Lindsay, Ontario, and naturally he went with them. In the mid to late sixties he was fortunate enough to be based on the West Coast of America where he met Gordon Lightfoot who was instrumental in encouraging him to become a singer/songwriter.

After recording a hit 45, Theme For Jody, in 1970 he returned to Toronto and signed a deal with Capitol. He worked the U.S. folk circuit extensively and represented Canada, along with The Stampeders, at the seventh Rio International Pop Song Festival. He went on to become one of Canada's most popular singer/songwriters in the seventies.

The Keatnicks

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1(A) KEATNICKS (Melbourne AM 4011) 1965 R3

1 Here She Comes/Everywhere (Melbourne 3216) 1965
2 That's My Girl/ (Melbourne ) 1965

This outfit came from Labrador, Newfoundland, and played an amalgam of Merseybeat and rock. Their album is quite sought-after by collectors, although many of the tracks were cover versions. That's My Girl is usually considered to be the best of their self-penned material.

Tom Kelley

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1 Freedom Song/Song For Shelan (Much CH 1022) 1972 -
2 Jennifer/ (Much CH 1026) 1972 97

A little-known pop singer, who achieved a minor hit with Jennifer in January 1974.

Roy Kenner and The Associates

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This early '60s Toronto band is best known for featuring future Mandala and James Gang singer Roy Kenner. Carducci and Rychlewski later played in Freedom Fair and The Power Project. The group recorded some material in 1967, but it is uncertain whether any singles were issued.

(Nick Warburton)

Kensington Market

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GENE MARTYNEC vcls, gtr, piano A B
KEITH McKIE gtr, vcls A B

1(B) KENSINGTON MARKET, AVENUE ROAD (Warner Bros WS 1754) 1968
2(B) AADVARK (Warner Bros WS 1780) 1969 SC

NB: (1) was released with two different covers.  

1 Mr. John/Kensington Market (Stone 714) 1967 76
2 I Would Be The One/Bobby's Birthday (Stone 721) 1967 -
3 I Would Be The One/Speaking Of Dreams (Warner Bros 7221) 1968 59
4 Witch's Stone/Side I Am (Warner Bros 7265) 1968 -
5 Help Me/Half Closed Eyes (Warner Bros 6061) 1969 -

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, (they were named after a downtown neighbourhood there), their first 45 was rather punkish but most of their material is in the pop/rock mould. Of both albums, Aardvark is definitely the superior one. The group mixed many clearly Canadian sounds and arrangements into a sometime psych-pop, sometime folk, sometime Cream-acid-rock format which was always entertaining. The first album, Avenue Road, was definitely more poppy and less representative of their live concerts. In Canada (or at least in Toronto), Kensington Market were considered Canada's answer to the Jefferson Airplane. Shades of progressive rock start creeping in on Aardvark's last piece, Dorian (co-written with Pappalardi), where odd, post-psychedelic chords strode alongside an acid/R'n'B rave-up section.

After the group split up in 1969 (barely after the release of their second album), bassist Alex Darou retreated to his apartment, not answering anyone's calls. Known for his bouts of depression, the other band members broke down his door to find him dead from malnutrition. It is assumed he was fasting, and went too far.

Gibson had earlier played with Luke and The Apostles and joined in 1967. He went on to form The Luke Gibson Band and recorded for True North records, a label created by Bernie Finkelstein, who was also Kensington Market's manager. His album was produced by ex-band-member Gene Martynec, who'd become a regular producer for the label. In November 1972 he was considered for the vocal spot in Seatrain. Martynec later played with Silver Tractors and went on to do session and production work.

Kensington Market's albums have been likened to The Beau Brummels - pleasant melodic pop/rock. They were produced by Felix Pappalardi of Mountain fame. Jimmy Watson was a cousin of Van Morrison. They also secured a couple of Canadian hits.

(Vernon Joynson/GB)

The Kids

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1 America/Shoo-Doo-Be-Do (Capitol 72580) 1969

This rock band were from Montreal, Quebec.

Killer Music

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1 All Shook Up/Deadman (Periwinkle 3709) 1973

A seventies rock band.

Andy Kim

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1 HOW'D WE EVER GET THIS WAY (Dot 37001) 1968
2 RAINBOW RIDE (Dot 37003) 1969
3 BABY I LOVE YOU (Dot 37004) 1969
4 ANDY KIM (Uni 73137) 1972
5 ANDY KIM'S GREATEST HITS (Steed 37008) 1973

NB: (1) - (3) also released on Steed (37001, 37003 and 37004 respectively). (4) also released on Capitol (11318) 1974 and (5) on Dunhill (50193) 1975.  

1 I Love You Once/Love Me Love Me (United Artists 591) 1963 -
2 Give Me Your Love/Li'l Liz (20th Century Fox 5) 1964 -
3 I Hear You Say I Love You/Falling In Love (Barry 3381) 1965 -
4 Give Me Your Love/Li'l Liz (20th Century Fox 6709) 1968 -
5 How'd We Ever Get This Way/Are You Ever Comin' Home (Dot 707) 1968 9
6 Shoot 'Em Up Baby/Ordinary Kind Of Girl (Dot 710) 1968 29
7 Rainbow Ride/Resurrection (Dot 711) 1968 43
8 Tricia Tell Your Dad/Foundation Of My Soul (Dot 715) 1969 76
9 Baby I Love You/Gee Girl (Dot 716) 1969 1
10 So Good To Be Together/Got To Know (Steed 720) 1969 15
11 A Friend In The City/You (Steed 723) 1970 19
12 It's Your Life/To Be Continued (Steed 727) 1970 73
13 Be My Baby/Love That Little Woman (Steed 729) 1970 6
14 I Wish I Were/Walkin' My La De La (Steed 731) 1971 22
15 I Been Moved/I Had You (Steed 734) 1971 39
16 Who Has The Answers/ (Uni 55332) 1972 12
17 Love The Poor Boy/ (Uni 55353) 1972 69
18 Oh, What A Day/ (Uni 55356) 1972 42
19 Rock Me Gently/Rock Me Gently Part 2 (Ice IC 1) 1974 1
20 Fire, Baby I'm On Fire/Here Comes Mornin' (Ice IC 2) 1974 15
21 Essence Of Joan/ (Ice IC 3) 1975 28
22 Mary Ann/ (Ice IC 4) 1975 90
23 Baby You're All I Got/ (Ice IC 5) 1975 80

NB: (3) Also issued on Red Bird (10040) 1965. (5) Also issued on Steed (707) 1968. (6) Also isued on Steed (710) 1968. (7) Also issued on Steed (711) 1968. (8) Also issued on Steed (715) 1969. (9) Also issued on Steed (716) 1969. (19), (20) and (21) Also issued on Capitol 3895, 3962 and 4032 respectively.  

Kim's real name is Andrew Youakim and he was born in 1946 in Montreal, where he grew up on a musical diet of Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. In 1962, he headed for New York in his quest to become a recording star. His first trip saw him return to Montreal empty-handed but later he quit school and headed back to New York, recording a couple of songs, I Loved You Once (United Artists) and I Hear You Say I Love You (Red Bird). Still, they sold poorly and it was only when he met songwriter Jeff Barry and his wife and partner Ellie Greenwich and the three of them teamed up as a songwriting trio, Kim, Barry and Greenwich, that he began to enjoy success. The trio wrote songs including Bang Shang A Lang, Sugar Sugar and Jingle Jangle for the cartoon series 'The Archies'.

His first hit as a recording artist came in Spring 1968 with How'd We Ever Get This Way. The song was produced by Jeff Barry. He went on to enjoy a series of hits; most notable of which were So Good Together, Baby I Love You and Rock Me Gently.

In 1976 Kim's father died - he found this death difficult to come to terms with and hibernated from the music business for two years. When he returned to recording in 1980 he used the moniker Baron Longfellow, which had been given to him by Gordon Mills, the manager of Engelbert Humperdinck and Tom Jones. He omitted the 'Baron' in the nineties and nowadays records under the name Longfellow.

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